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A selection of rare malachite stones for collectors

Green malachites are very popular among mineral collectors for their beauty and rarity. You will find on this page, our daily seleciton of natural malachite slices including some very impressive Museum-quality specimens. Some very large 24LB green malachites are regularly displayed on this page. They come from famous malachite mines like Bisbee in Arizona or  Kolwesi in Congo where malachite stalactites are regularly found. 

What is a malachite ?

Malachite is an opaque green-banded mineral, technically it is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. It is often proposed online in large malachite slices or malachite geodes. Some people are also producing malachite beads or bowls. Malachite is often found mixed with azurite mineral which creates a wonderful green and blue machite azurite stone, a must-have for any mineral collectors. 

Where to find malachite ?

Malachite are found in several parts of the world like Russia, Congo (Zaire), Australia and the USA. Famous US localities to find malachites are the Bisbee mine in Arizona, Juab country in Utah or Socorro in New Mexico. Of course, very large and pure malachite stones are nearly impossible to find yourself that's why many collectors are acquiring them online on websites like ours. 

How to get a malachite stone from here ?

It is very simple : have a look to our selection of more than 200 interesting malachite minerals. Click on the one you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a website where you can get it. 


A large malachite slice
A rare example of a 24.64LB Natural malachite slice mineral specimen

What is the value of green malachites ?

The rarest malachite stones can reach a very high value. For example a 20.02LB Natural malachite slice mineral specimen can be found in mineral auctions online around $1,000. But you will find here some more common malachite minerals like a 6.09LB natural glossy malachite at around $50. It means all collectors can find a malachite here whatever budget he has.