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A unique selection of rare Pleurotomaria for sale

Pleurotomaria is a must for shell and fossil collectors. This genus of extinct sea snails is indeed very popular among hobbyists for their beauty and scarcity. There are about 80 known Pleurotomaria species and some are very hard to find online. On Collector's Secret, our team displays the most interesting Pleurotomaria currently offered on the web. We source them from reliable shell dealers and fossil sellers. 

How much does a Pleurotomaria worth ?

The price of Pleurotomaria depends of various factors : scarcity, beauty, quality and the law of offer and demand. Of course, as Pleurotomaria are extinct seashells, most of them are hard to find and prices can be very high for the rarest species. For example, a Pleurotomaria adansonianus 127mm is for sale on eBay at $4850 ! This said, you can find some more affordable Pleurotomaria like a Pleurotomaria salmiana 40mm from Taiwan at $500. To find more affordable Pleurotomaria on this page, have a look to the lower part of our selection. 

How much does a Pleurotomaria worth ?

You have found a rare Pleurotomaria anseeuwi on this page and you would like to purchase it ? Nothing easier, just click on the Pleurotomaria you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a merchant site like eBay where you can buy it. Feel free to send us an email if you have any question about a Pleurotomaria specimen or a Pleurotomaria seller, we would be happy to help.