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A selection of large Argonaut shells

You will find on this page several very nice Argonaut shells for collectors and home decoration. Argonauta are not a CITES-protected species and their international trade is legal. You will find on this page very large Argonauta argo 222mm but we will also select some giant Argonauta hians 111mm F+++. Argonauta argo and Argonauta hians are the easiest species to find online, sometimes you will also see some Argonauta nodosus and Argonauta nouryi.

What is an Argonaut shell ?

Argonaut shell are not real shells, they are the egg cases produced by the argonaut females. Argonaut are close cousins of the Nautilus shells and they are often called "paper Nautilus". Argonauts are found in tropical oceans across the globe, and they are often harvested in the Philippines or Taiwan. 


How to find a Paper Nautilus shell here ?

Have a look to our selection of nice Argonauta shells and click on the paper nautilus egg case you like. We will then automatically redirect you towards the website where you can get it. If you have any question about a specific Argonaut shell or about a supplier, feel free to send us an email. We would be happy to help.