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A selection of turquoise stones for rock collectors.

Our team daily selects the most interesting turquoise mineral specimens for sale online. Turquoises have always fascinated humans by the beauty of their colours. Its name comes from "Turkey", as the first turquoise gemstones came in Europe from that country ("turquoise" means "Turkish" in ancient French). Turquoises have always been very popular among mineral and rock collectors and the rarest turquoises can reach very high prices. This splendid rock is also used to make turquoise jewelry or turquoise rings

What is the price of a turquoise stone ?

There is no simple answer to that question. Some rare turquoises can be very expensive. Let's give you some examples : a 402-gram unstabilized Kingman Turquoise from Arizona was offered at $2750. And a natural deep-blue spiderweb persian turquoise pyrite rough 1218 gram was for sale at $1250. A unique 5.9" turquoise carved crystal skull was for sale at $25000. But you can also find some affordable turquoise stones, just look at the bottom of our selection and click on the "Next page" button to see some low-price items. 

How to buy a turquoise rock here ?

It is very simple : just click on the turquoise mineral you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a merchant site (eBay for example) where you can purchase it. Have also a look to our top mineral auctions to find some rare minerals for your collection. We update our selection every day ! 

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This rare Evans Turquoise of 944 carats was for sale at $1180 on eBay

What is the difference between turquoises and aquamarines ?

Aquamarines are often sold as "turquoises" on eBay and other merchant websites. Even if they have a close colour, they are not the same mineral. Turquoise is a phosphate of copper and aluminium while aquamarine is a silicate. Aquamarines are clear (it is a crystal), while turquoise is an opaque rock. Aquamarine is also harder than turquoise. Both are very interesting to collect.